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 The Recuits

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Mage Riders - Book 1

Six recruits, all former mage apprentices, against their wills are forced to give up their ambitions, their magic, their noble identities in the service of the King’s army.

A handsome young lord, a spoiled beautiful princess, a cantankerous mountain dwarf, haughty twin elfs, and a fierce drylander are volunteered by their baronies to become the “youkler brigade”.

The six must become soldiers to counter the attacking evil Bracaards - weaselworts, border trolls, lizardpeople and demons. Their enemies are poised to strike the DeLak Kingdom with fierce young dragons. What chance have they to survive - EXCEPT for one secret - the youklers?

Can they survive? Can these six recruits be the answer to the DeLak Kingdom’s survival? Read this epic fantasy and find out!


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