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Triking into Retirement

Triking Into Retirement 

Retirement means having the time to pursue your dreams of traveling. This book explores the world of three wheeled motorcycles and proves that you are never too old to try new things.Explore the experience of travel across county in the open air on a trike. Learn about the ins and outs of motorcycling - three wheeled style! Retirement can be fun and exciting. 

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Access the GPS files mentioned in the book below:


Note: Garmin uses gpx files while TomTom uses itn files.

{If your browser does not automatically download the file when you click the links below

then you should right-click on the link and then click on "save as"} 

Trip Garmin TomTom Map
White Mountains  gpx file  itn file Map
White Mountains - alternate  gpx file  itn file Map
Catskills  gpx file  itn file Map
Blue Ridge  gpx file  itn file Map 
Skyline Drive  gpx file  itn file Map 
Hilton Head  gpx file  itn file Map 
Jekyll Island  gpx file  itn file Map 
Black Hills  gpx file  itn file Map 
Flagstaff  gpx file  itn file Map 
Grand Canyon  gpx file    itn file Map
Grand Canyon and Meteor Crater  gpx file  itn file Map
Yosemite  gpx file  itn file Map